Your committee is deep into the planing for the 50th Anniversary of Spirit Of The Fourth event on July 4th, 2019. Parade Grand Marshals for 2019 will be:

"Past Presidents

of Spirit Of The Fourth"

We look forward to seeing as many of them as we can and honoring them for keeping the Spirit alive through our fifty years of celebrations

For the past several years we have focused on themes that recognize veterans, first responders, youth and education. Since this is the 50th anniversary of Spirit of the Fourth, we have decided to change the focus this year to be our organization and what we have accomplished during those 50 years. Therefore, the 2019 theme will be:

Spirit of the Fourth

"Celebrating Our Golden Year"

Spirit of the Fourth 2018 now joins 48 prior events organized in Rancho Bernardo to help our community celebrate the birth of our nation. Hats Off to the SOTF Committee for putting on another great show in 2018. The committee is grateful for the community support through donations and volunteer efforts so essential to the success of an event as large and varied as the Spirit of the Fourth in Rancho Bernardo.

You will find slide shows of the 2018 event throughout the web site.

The 2018 Theme was "Honoring Our Korean War Veterans"

The Spirit of the Fourth Parade’s two Grand Marshals, Harry Hodges and Royce Williams, represent all United States Korean War Veterans as we honor those who served there on land, at sea, and in the air. Both officers are members of Rancho Bernardo's General J. P. Holland Chapter of The Military Order of the World Wars.

At dawn on Sunday, 25 June 1950, The Korean People’s Army crossed the 38th parallel separating North Korea from South Korea and the stage was set for the Korean War, officially a “Police Action” since no country ever actually declared war. By early July, under the authority of the United Nations, United States and UN allied military units in the area began to organize an armed resistance to the North’s invasion and started a massive build-up of ground, naval, and air assets. North Korea was supported by China and The Soviet Union. The next four years of bitter fighting resulted in a stalemate and a more or less permanent division of the North and the South at the 38th parallel. At the height of the war, there were over 325,000 US soldiers in South Korea. Many more members of the US Military were stationed in other areas supporting the war, including a constant Naval presence in the waters adjacent to the Korean Peninsula. Sixteen other nations provided combat forces during the war. The US maintains a military presence in South Korea to this day.

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Hodges,
United States Army (Retired)

Captain Royce Williams,
United States Navy (Retired)

For more information regarding the Korean War service of our two Grand Marshals, visit our Parade page here.

There are a lot of photos of the Spirit of the Fourth events throughout the web site. Navigate through the site events and check out the slide shows. Many of the photos were taken from a large collection provided by "Mr T", Steve Tutunjian. The drop down links under "Photo Gallery" provides access to FaceBook and Shutterfly photo sets. You can also see a collection of photos taken at the 2017 event by a dedicated RB High student. Click on "Photo Gallery" and follow the link to her Google Photos album. Enjoy!

Antique, Old & Classic Cars and Trucks on display
Do you have a classic ride? Why not show it on the 4th in RB.

Contact George Cowman to learn how you can participate in our motor show!

For Advertising questions, please contact Dave Brooks

We Need Your Help
In order for our celebration to be a success, we need to raise about $70,000. Your donation enables us to continue providing special events which include the parade and our spectacular fireworks display!

If you had fun this year or last year and/or are planning to enjoy the celebration next year, please consider contributing. Our sponsors provide some of the funding, but we rely on members of the community to meet the budget. Thank You!

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Public Support Provided Through Grants

spacerSan Diego County Board of Supervisorsspacer



The Spirit of the Fourth "Public Support Grantors" for 2018 are:

The County of San Diego, courtesy of Kristin Gaspar, Board of Supervisors Member for District 3.
The City of San Diego, courtesy of Mark Kersey, City Council Member for District 5.
Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation A Proud Affiliate of the San Diego Foundation

"Stars" Major Sponsors

spacerSilvergate Rancho Bernardospacer

The Spirit of the Fourth "Stars Sponsors" for 2018 are:

Silvergate Rancho Bernardo "Where Everyday Matters", .
Perspecta Imagine, Innovate, Achieve

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